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PE01793A.gif (1126 bytes)Exercise: What’s in it for Me?


Many studies prove the benefits of regular exercise. Even senior citizens in old age homes can increase flexibility, strength and muscle mass. According to Dr. Maria Fiatarone an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, "The physical deterioration we have traditionally associated with growing old has nothing to do with chronological age and everything to do with lack of exercise." Here are some more benefits:

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Weight Control WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Enhance your love life
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Reduces risk of heart disease. WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Reduces risk of stroke
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Helps preserve bone. WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Builds strength, flexibility, and stamina
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Improves memory and recall. WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Improves resistance to the common cold.
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Elevates your mood and Reduces stress and anxiety WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Helps manage arthritis
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Helps people quit smoking WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Improves sleep and minimize insomnia.

With all these benefits to be gained, it’s a wonder that everybody isn’t exercising. Still, there are lots of reasons why people don’t. If you don’t… What’s your reason? Tell us Why YOU Don’t Exercise and we’ll give you easy-to-follow methods to get around those stumbling blocks and set you on the path to Good Health.


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