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Healthy Living

Healthy Living
Healthy Dieting?
Nutritional Assessment
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Fitness is Fun

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Healthy Dieting
Is it Possible?

It's not worth risking your health to take off those unwanted pounds.  One way to insure a healthy diet is.......


Ask the Doctor

What's missing in your diet?  Take a Personal Nutritional Assessment and find out where you are OK and where you need work.


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FD00727A.gif (2269 bytes) What on the Menu?

Can't think what to fix for dinner?  Here's the place to look and keep on looking because we add new recipes every month.  Some recipes will be vegetarian.  We'll have recipes for breakfast, dinner, lunch, dessert and for snacks.  All will be low fat, low calorie and low in cholesterol.



Where Does Your Diet Fit in the Pyramid?

Are you following the Food Pyramid Guidelines?

What is a Serving Size Anyway?