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Healthy Living

Healthy Living
Healthy Dieting?
Nutritional Assessment
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 Personal Nutritional Assessment


Answer the following questions and click on the
"Submit" button.

One of the Doctors will evaluate your nutritional profile and speak with you personally to discuss your results..

What Have You Got to Lose?


Check if YES
Feel Tired a lot of the time?
Wish you had more energy?
Have trouble staying awake?
Have trouble losing weight?
Lose weight but put it back on right away?
Experience loss of appetite?
Do not sleep well?
Feel weak most days?
Are you overweight?
Are you underweight?
Do you consider your diet to be well-balanced?
Do you have frequent heartburn?
Do you eat a balance of Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat each day?
Could you use more energy?
Do you contribute some of your health problems to stress?
Do you fight off colds easily?
Do you have a strong immune system?
Do you smoke?
If you smoke, would you like to quit smoking?
Do you have muscle or joint pain?
Do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily?

Your Name


Please find the doctor closest to your area so that your assessment may be sent directly to the doctor in your area.

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