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Healthy Living
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Healthy Dieting
Is it Possible?

     It's not worth risking your health to take off those unwanted pounds.  Rigid diet schemes that sacrifice good nutrition on the altar of the National Obsession over women’s weight and body shape are abusive and foolish. What’s more, they seem to be nothing more than a temporary fix. Diets truly don’t work.

     Instead of focusing on weight loss, chiropractors who offer nutritional guidance and counseling suggest eating a well-balanced healthy diet and maintaining a reasonable exercise program for your age and health condition. These doctors point out that your weight will naturally reach a healthy and normal level when you eat the right foods and take part in regular physical activity. Many chiropractors report that people who think they are following a health diet plan actually are not. For that reason, chiropractors administer a Nutritional Assessment to get a base line of your individual nutritional and diet needs. You may complete a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire on

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line and receive a complimentary assessment from a doctor in your area.

    It isn’t always clear what exactly constitutes a healthy diet. The U.S. Government supports the Food Pyramid that limits fats and sugars and suggests that the bulk of your daily diet should come from grains, fruits and vegetables with small amounts of meat, dairy and legumes. Barry Sears, Ph.D., promotes a different dietary road map and restricts grains. In his book, Enter the Zone, he states that daily food intake should be a specific balance among carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Who to believe? Could it be that different approaches might work best for different people? We think that is true and that is why anyone who has difficulty regulating her or his diet, may need to take our Nutritional Assessment and consult a local chiropractor who offers Nutritional Counseling and Nutritional Supplements.

   FD00939A.gif (2306 bytes) To find a Chiropractor who offers Nutritional Counseling, click on Find A Doctor.   You can easily find chiropractors in your area who offer Nutritional Counseling and who offer Nutritional Supplements for your needs.

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